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"Three months ago I decided that if I wanted to keep doing everything I want to do sportswise, I would need to get stronger, fitter, and healthier. I have never been particularly consistent with my training and decided what I really needed was a personal trainer. So I looked online and came across Julie. The two things that made me take the step to go and see her were that she was about the same age as me and she looked like she walked the talk. It turns out she really does walk the talk and is good at encouraging me to too.


In the last three months I have had twice weekly workouts with Julie, and she has also given me guidance with my nutrition. I am steadily losing fat and increasing muscle. My weights have about doubled since starting. Julie seems really interested in my goals and has designed a programme for me using exercises she personally knows work. I'm excited about my progress and am amped about the progress we are going to make this year."

It turns out she really does walk the talk

Miriam Broadbent

"I have been training at one on one fitness since late last year. What impresses me the most about the gym, is that Julie recognises and listens to what you want and adapts programmes and her help to maximise the benefits that I get. She makes the gym both fun and challenging and in this regard she knows how to get the balance right. Recently I told Julie I was getting a bit stale and wanted more cardio in my workouts. Julie listened and understood exactly what I was after and my current programme of weights and boxing is incredibly enjoyable. Julie is about making you feel comfortable in the gym and works alongside you to achieve goals."

Julie listened and understood exactly what I was after

Aaron - Hamilton

"Before I started working with Julie Baines I described myself as allergic to exercise. I have previously tried gyms and personal trainers but I didn't enjoy the big open gym atmosphere and never felt that the programs I was given were personalised. I came to Julie hoping for a miracle. It was the thought of working out in her private studio that interested me but it has been Julie's support, encouragement and guidance that has kept me going.


Each workout is different, which keeps things interesting and challenging. I always leave my personal training sessions feeling energised and motivated and looking forward to the next time. I have been working with Julie for a few months now, and not only are my 2 times weekly workouts a permanent part of my diary, but I am also 27kgs lighter and I haven't finished yet!


If you want to lose weight, tone up or just get fitter then definitely give Julie a call."

I am also 27kgs lighter and I haven't finished yet!

Hayley Kerr

"Having been a fitness instructor myself in my early twenties I thought that I was equipped to keep myself in good physical shape on my own into my forties. Having spent some time with Julie in her one on one fitness studio I now realise just how little I knew about what my body needed as I get older. Having discussed my fitness goals with Julie - and under her guidance, after only a few weeks I am feeling so much better and coping so much better with the physical demands of my career and my hobbies. I only wish I had contacted Julie sooner. Her services offer busy people like me a qualified, private and easily accessible space to work on our physical goals and achieve much more than we thought we could. I highly recommend Julie's studio and expertise in personal fitness training to all levels of better health seekers."

I highly recommend Julie's studio and expertise in personal fitness training

Sandy Geyer

"I have been attending sessions with Julie for about 5 months now. I live an extremely busy life, being a mother of four very active boys. I also have 2 part time jobs and do home based child care three times a week. I have found that my sessions with Julie keep me focused on my own health and wellbeing, which is so important, especially when trying to keep pace with the life I lead. When I have finished a session, my energy levels are usually higher than when I arrived and listening to tit bits of information that Julie gives me regarding diet or wellbeing is always inspiring."

Julie keeps me focused on my own health and wellbeing

Sharlene - Hamilton

"I've known Julie Baines for about a year now through Venus Network here in Hamilton and recently had the opportunity to learn, first-hand, how she works with her clients. I must say, I was impressed by her well-equipped and welcoming studio. Julie has heaps of equipment to suit various tastes and to keep any boredom at bay! I felt reassured that Julie was watching out for my health by ensuring I used proper technique during my routine. Julie certainly knows her stuff when it comes to fitness and nutrition, providing information in bite-sized pieces that can be easily acted upon.


I would not hesitate to recommend Julie's services to anyone seeking to improve their level of strength and fitness in a private, supportive environment."

I was impressed by her well-equipped and welcoming studio

Jennifer Myers

For the last year I have been training using different gym routines created by Julie. She was able to adapt the routines according to my needs and was always there for additional support. The workouts were not only tough and challenging but also very fun giving me all the motivation I needed. I made some amazing gains this year packing on a clean 8kgs of muscle and a tonne of confidence and would recommend Julie to anyone wanting to achieve great results. Thank you Julie."

Julie was able to adapt the routines according to my needs

Antony Hopper

"I have employed Julie as my Personal Trainer since May 2012. Julie has provided me with 6 weekly personally tailored exercise programmes aimed at improving my ability to compete as a mature squash player and to feel better physically every day. In the year prior to following Julie's advice I was plagued with injuries and had booked surgery to take place in January 2013. I am very pleased to testify that not only am I playing great squash but I cancelled the surgery and have been injury free since September 2012. Thanks Julie."

I have been injury free since September 2012, thanks Julie!

Andrew - Hamilton

"Since starting with Julie I have noticed a definite change to my body. I am no stranger to the gym, but I was never able to make a difference like Julie has.  She develops workout routines that can be managed in and around your busy schedule, so your end goal is that much easier.

I would personally recommend Julie as a personal trainer."

I would personally recommend Julie as a personal trainer

Chanel - Hamilton

Mine is the usual story – busy wife and Mum of three, I run my own business so lots of juggling.  I want to put the family first but I now realise that if I’m not healthy and functioning, if I don’t look after myself, I can’t look after anyone else.  My two sessions a week with Julie are my ‘time out’ and it’s the whole package.  The drive out to tranquil surroundings is part of letting go, the exercise is focused and it’s always fun because Julie mixes it up and is there to talk to or there are others to share the session with.  I got so bored going to a gym and doing the same exercises by myself – and having sport on the tv!!  Having a music channel on in the background, a couple of people to talk to and air conditioning...bliss!   After rotator cuff surgery on my shoulder, Julie was instrumental in my rehabilitation.  I couldn’t do without her!

Julie is my oxygen mask

K-M Adams